At this website, the Law Office Lex Specialis gives You an almost instant possibility of obtaining advice, legal consultation or a draft of the contract You are interested in from within any field of the law via electronic mail.

To obtain advice in the area of Your interest or order a draft/model contract:

  • fill the form with the data of the Commissioning Party and the contents of the order,
  • pay the sum of 100.00 PLN + VAT, i.e. 123.00 PLN to the benefit of Lex Specialis Kancelaria Prawna Renaty Kochowskiej /Lex Specialis Law office Renata Kochowska-Zielinska / to the account conducted by:

account number 89 1440 1299 0000 0000 0232 5306

Immediately after the receipt of the form and the payment of the fee, the Law Office shall start preparing the legal advice or draft of the contract, which will be then sent to the return address indicated on the form with the VAT invoice for the service rendered.

Out of concern for the Clients, the Law Ofice Lex Specialis reserves that the materials ordered and sent in this manner due to the unavailability of complete information about legal relations which they may concern as well as the price offered may contain only the most important legal guidelines. A broader explanation, a more exhaustive opinion as well as suggesting the best course of action may require a direct contact with the Law Office Lex Specialis.

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