With account taken of Your expectations and needs, I take the pleasure to welcome You on this website Taking the opportunity to provide You this way with basic information about Lex Specialis Law Ofice.

Law Ofice Lex Specialis renders legal assistance services mainly to entrepreneurs – both natural as well as legal persons within the scope of civil, economic, labour, administrative, intellectual property, bankruptcy and repair law, etc. (detailed offer under the heading: The Object of the Services Rendered). Despite the fact that the Clients of our Law Office are mainly entrepreneurs, this does not rule out the possibility of rendering legal services to natural persons who do not conduct economic activity. In this respect, I particularly recommend the services: Legal Counselling via the Internet.

The purpose of our Law Office is assisting our clients in conflict-free functioning in the forever changing reality around us and the tangle of legal regulations. Legal assistance provided by the Law Office is meant to protect our Clients against  adverse legal consequences already at the stage of negotiating a contract – here, I may recommend the service: Legal Opinion, Preparation of Contracts, Contractual Responsibility of Parties as well as at the stage of solving disputes through Negotiations, effective Vindication including Assignment of Liabilities  or court proceeding: Drawing up Statements of Claim, Trial Representation, Securing and Enforcement Proceeding.

We would like to stress that the priority of our Law Office is the protection of the Clients’ interests as well as widely understood availability, which manifests itself through reasonable and accessible prices.

We seek to make it easier for You to make decisions regarding daily personal issues as well as issues related to the functioning of Your business and save You problems resulting from not consulting a lawyer.

Our Office is developing dynamically. It works based on the good material preparation of the people employed. The Office gathers creative and dynamic Legal Advisers with in-depth legal knowledge, excellent orientation in the binding law regulations, involvement in the projects, originality of solutions applied and very good work organization. We cooperate with a team of experienced lawyers, specialists from many fields of the law hired to solve concrete legal problems. In contacts with legal entities, we cooperate with certified translators on a permanent basis.
We are aware that education does not guarantee success, these are also the years of practising many legal professions which count as well as good acquaintance with the different legal loops and possibilities. That is why, when undertaking any actions on behalf of our Clients, we make use not only of our knowledge but also experience gained over the years, each time adjusting to the individual needs of our Clients. With the above in mind, we may offer e.g. direct contact with the Client on the site where the Client’s economic activity is conducted.

Operating throughout the country with special focus on Warsaw and the environs, we are planning to open branches in other cities of Poland.

At the moment we receive a commission for our services, the Client’s problem becomes our problem, for which a solution needs to be found. As regards work, these are the effects which count, which in our case may boldly be referred to as successes. Thanks to our competence, reliability, diligence and speed of action, we are effective. The office is fully computerised and has access to many legal publications. The wide scope of our operations guarantees it to our Clients that their business will be dealt with in a thorough and reliable manner.

Effectiveness and professionalism are our priorities. The combination of a high standard of services with a balanced level of costs is our important asset.

Yours Faithfully,
Renata Kochowska-Zielinska
Legal Adviser